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The growing requirements for both production efficiency and food safety can be perfectly matched with the use of RFID. The automatic data exchange doesn’t require any sight contact between read/write head and data carrier. The data on the data carriers can be modified at any time and all parts are perfectly protected against cleaning procedures with chemicals, high temperature, pressure and humidity. The use of RFID in food production is, in addition to this, a prerequisite for a fully automated production facility.

Your benefits

  • BL ident reliably detects moveable food containers and thus improves the efficiency of the production and the quality and traceability of food products
  • Application-optimized data carriers and read/write heads for food and beverage applications

  • Transport containers for food

  • Lateral positioning tolerance

  • Data carrier TW-R50-B128, Read/write head TNLR-Q80L400

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