Measuring the ground clearance on a field sprayer

PTFE-Coated Ultrasonic Sensors Allow Optimum Spray Arm Alignment

For targeted crop protection the sprayer boom of a field sprayer must be guided as close as possible to the crop. The particularly resistant ultrasonic sensors T30UXICQ8-CRFV from Turck measure the distance between the sprayer boom and the field or crop. This is the prerequisite for precise alignment of the spray arms of a field sprayer and guarantees uniform distribution of the spray medium.

Your Benefits

  • Robust and compact design for a long service life in mobile machines.
  • Simple installation in confined spaces thanks to lateral cable/plug connection
  • Simple parameterization via teach button or teach line for application-specific measurement
  • PTFE transducer is resistant to chemicals during the injection process

  • The ultrasonic sensor optimally measures the ground clearance to the field sprayer

  • Simple installation in confined spaces thanks to lateral cable/plug connection

  • T30UXICQ8 ultrasonic sensors are resistant to chemicals thanks to PTFE coating

Lasting measuring accuracy due to spray-resistant housing

The PTFE-coated transducer of the ultrasonic sensor resists the used crop protection agents and measures permanently precise. The robust sensor also withstands cleaning processes.  This makes it ideal for use on a field sprayer.

Thanks to integrated temperature compensation, the ultrasonic sensor delivers high-precision measurement data in the entire ambient temperature range from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. The Diffuse mode sensors with IP67 protection offer detection ranges from 30 centimeters up to 3 meters and short blind zones of only 10 % of the maximum range. The compact sensors in threaded barrel design connect users via standard M12 connectors.

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